Monday, July 6, 2009

East Texas

Corsicana, TX

Boy selling fireworks 7-4-09

Hyde Park People

5 string


The Barber


The old man from 1994

The following photographs were taken on the streets of Hyde Park, the historic north-central Austin neighborhood teeming with hippies, yuppies, street people, drunks, perverts, young children and beautifuls. I took these photos walking around the neighborhood one afternoon. Most were taken with a broken 24mm f2.8 that had a focus jam at 1.5 ft. So i just decided to make the most of the lens and it turned up making some beautiful images.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Moody, Texas

These are from the same roll as the Rot Rally Roll: Fuji 1600.
I was driving up to McGregor, TX to see my Dad and I saw this small town called Moody. It looked interesting so I stopped and took some photos. Can't wait to go back to Moody. Got the Moody Blues.

ROT RALLY: From the Belly of the Beast

All photos taken at the Republic of Texas (ROT) Motorcycle Rally by Drew Daniels on Fuji 1600 speed film.